Ajay Krishnamani

Co-founder & MD, Nautilus Shipping India Pvt Ltd

I have known Nishit for over 10 years now and he is a very dedicated professional. He takes his work seriously and gives his best. When it comes to deadlines and delivery, he always keeps up his commitment. Customer relationship is his core strength.

Capt Amar Galliara

Auditor & Ship Inspector Former General Manager, K Line Ship Management

Nishit, it is indeed a wonderful journey that you’ve ventured into. Having known you since 2012, and meeting you at several maritime-related functions, I am quite happy to hear about Midknight Creatives.

I believe this will serve as a good platform for not only seafarers but others related to the transportation gamut, to be able to get a wide range of services under one roof, from media to travel, to personal welfare, and more importantly, from a very reliable source.

I truly wish you every success in your journey, and I am sure that you will get extremely good support from the maritime fraternity as well as others related to it. All the best.

Arvind Yadav

Founder, Geeta Design Studio

I entered the editorial and magazine design journey with minimal experience, and I ended up beyond blessed with the TradeMaker project. Nishit Doshi is professional, down-to-earth, knowledgeable in his craft, and friendly in nature.Working with Nishit on any project has been a refreshing experience. His expertise, attention to detail, and creative perspectives are unmatched.

As a designer, I learnt a lot from Nishit. His detailed insights and thorough explanations have helped make my editorial design better. He is one of the most industrious people I have ever come across, and it is evident through his brilliant work.I’ve also observed that Nishit is an outstanding photographer, probably an innate talent he possesses. His creativity and eye for details is evident through the photographs.

Ashfaq Ali

Former MD, Wallem Shipmanagement (India)

Nishit and I go back to 2007. A friendship which is grounded and has gone from strength to strength. Nishit is humble, talented and has the thirst to excel in his work.

Capt Balakrishna S. Rao

Former Captain Superintendent & Director of Academics, HIMT College

In early 2020, Nishit had informed me that he was about to launch his international magazine dedicated to global trade, transportation, and finance. I was quite happy and congratulated and wished him well. Seeing the progress that he has made since that day, I am pleased that the event has been successful and I’ve closely followed his efforts. I have known Nishit since 2007. His enthusiasm, dedication and unique style of working was evidence of his passion as a journalist. He portrayed a rare type of insight which displayed his knowledge and understanding of the maritime profession.

My association over the years gradually developed into a friendship. I am happy to note the inroads he has made in this field and appreciate the news and views expressed in the TradeMaker magazine. The output is of high calibre and I wish him every success in this venture always.

Bansi Jaising

Ex Chairman, Seagate Shipping Pvt Ltd

I first met Nishit Doshi in 2007, when I was lecturing at a conference on dry bulk shipping. I found Nishit to be a very pleasant communicator and soft spoken, a person who is keen to develop his strengths in communications and reporting for trade media. I have also observed his rhyming skills in many brief reports pertaining to current affairs and other areas. In spite of this COVID-driven period, Nishit has managed to run as well as further ‘TradeMaker’ magazine, with contributions from his dozens of international supporters. I’ve had the privilege of contributing articles at his request — especially on the international dry bulk shipping market. I wish Nishit more power, success, and fulfilled dreams; along with far-reaching contributions from and to more world leaders.

Chinmoy Bhattacharya

Proprietor, Merchant Marine Surveyors & Assayers

I know Nishit Doshi since 2014; we connected through the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS). He is quite energetic, hardworking and a sincere person. I subscribed to the very first magazine he’d launched, which featured informative news and stories related to the marine world. Later, he started TradeMaker. I immediately subscribed to that journal. It covers a lot of news and information including import/export, logistics, and of course the maritime world — which I am very much interested to read and increase my knowledge. Nishit is interested in travelling — an activity which I too immensely enjoy.

I wish him all the best. Hope he will continue to enrich our knowledge by giving valuable information through TradeMaker.

Dipak B. Shah

Director, Institute of Maritime Studies (Goa)

I know Nishit Doshi since 2012. It has been a very professional and friendly relationship. The articles of the Institute of Maritime Studies have been well-published by him — they are precisely written/edited. He’s a person with clear vision and maximum preparation. As a photographer, Nishit is a perfectionist, and quite clear as a writer. He has the passion for right words and a strong vocabulary. He is multi-talented and pays adequate attention to details. The three qualities Nishit possesses are structure, ideas and correctness. He ensures that the client is adequately portrayed in the magazine. I wish him the best for the future.

Erik Merkes Nielsen

CEO, DanPilot

At DanPilot, it is a pleasure to be featured in TradeMaker magazine on different occasions. It is a delight to work with Nishit Doshi, and it is always valuable to read the magazine, which emphasizes on important stories from the global maritime sphere.

Capt Gaurab Pal

Fleet Coordination Superintendent (Shipping Department), Commercial and Shipping Group, Qatargas Operating Company Limited

My relation with Nishit has matured very well over the years, and I have seen him grow multifold in media and communications. With over a decade’s experience in the maritime sphere, he has become a trailblazer in maritime journalism. Nishit has a history of association with celebrities of the maritime fraternity and has involved himself in various social and marketing strategies.

TradeMaker magazine is a superb tool for knowing the latest developments in maritime activities and transport in general. This would greatly benefit in networking of professionals with coexisting background and support relevant business objectives.

I wish Nishit the very best.

George M. Chalos

Esq., Principal & Founding Member, Chalos & Co, PC – International Law Firm

TradeMaker is an international publication which reports honestly and reliably. From cutting edge news to performing in-depth investigative reporting, chief editor Nishit Doshi and the TradeMaker leadership team work tirelessly to report what maritime executives want and need to know. Guest articles from industry experts are always informative and keep you updated on the latest market information. I find myself anxiously awaiting the next edition each month.

Dr (Capt) Kamada Vivekanand

Academic Director, ADU Academy India; Former Pro Vice Chancellor, Vels University

I have known Nishit Doshi since 2007. I have seen his excellent and rapid progression, from a professional journalist to an entrepreneur. Ever since he successfully launched his landmark TradeMaker magazine in February 2020 under the banner of Midknight Creatives, he has proved his mettle by entering a highly competitive market, and holding his own, against all odds. We can see his painstaking devotion to detail in the vast coverage of the global maritime/transportation industry, in his fine publication. There is no better magazine in the country today to feel the pulse of the goings-on in this industry. I wish him all success in his future endeavours.

Laura Sherman

Director, Marketing & Communications, Operations Technology Officer, IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry

Nishit has his pulse on the topics and news of the transportation and logistics industry. He is well-versed in the trends and opportunities in the maritime market and covers many perspectives and facets of the business.

Miriam Mathews

Director, GAC Shipping (India) Private Limited

Our association with Nishit has been established over many years now, and we value the support received. The professional approach of the magazine, and its reach in the industry makes it an excellent media platform to reach our target audience.

Capt Nishant Dhir

Consultant, Nexport Pte Ltd

I have had the pleasure to interact with Nishit Doshi since 2015. He is an outstanding professional, with a keen understanding of communications. Nishit has an eye for details, and is able to present as well as address facts in a simple, organized and logical manner. A perfectionist by habit, he leaves no stone unturned to deliver stunning products. He has the ability to multitask and form deep bonds with everyone he associates with.

Pawan Kapoor

Founder & MD, ISF Group

I have known Nishit Doshi since 2007 and seen his close involvement in development of brands. His enthusiasm, positivity and ability to connect with the industry stand out as great qualities. His perseverance and hard work are evident from the fact that TradeMaker has sustained and grown despite the onslaught of the pandemic. Wishing Midknight Creatives the very best!

Preetika Mehrotra

Founder, ManageUrHR

Nishit is an excellent communications professional with a deep understanding of the maritime sector — both international and national. He is a people person and thus approachable and easy to talk to. Nishit has the gift of the gab, and brings out the best in a person or organization when he features them in his articles. He has a creative mindset along with the ability to highlight best of technical as well as non-technical subject matters in a refined manner.

Rajesh Doshi

Marine Engineer; Promoter & Director, Dwarka Kutchh Ferries & Tourism

I’d a chance meeting with Nishit Doshi over a decade ago — at Kandla port. I would describe him as a unique personality, and am impressed by the diverse storms he has weathered. TradeMaker name coined by him for his trade magazine sounds pretty good and innovative. Unlike most media, especially those related to the maritime sphere, the all-round coverage provided by his publication gives readers a wider perspective of global trade — in which shipping is a key constituent.

Capt Ravinder M. Bakshi

Director, Novel Hospitality & Marine Services

I know Nishit ever since he’s involved with trade media. Over the years, I’ve observed that he has a lot of shipping knowledge, has a knack of obtaining and gathering news, and is well-connected with the global maritime fraternity. Coincidently, we were in the same coworking premises for a few months in 2007. He’s quite sincere and loyal, always willing to help. Nishit has brilliant writing and editing skills, is clear in financial dealings, and client satisfaction is his prime objective.

Capt Ruchin C. Dayal

CEO, eDOT Solutions

Nishit is a forward and positive thinking editor, extremely particular about quality, with a keen eye for detail. He is passionate about his work and considers himself responsible for reporting events, as well as writing personal success stories with integrity and honesty. We, at eDOT Solutions, are privileged to have appointed the TradeMaker magazine as our Preferred Media Partner, since early 2020. We are keen to ensure that the maritime, as well as the information technology fraternity, benefit from this ‘partnership’.

Sanjam Sahi Gupta

Director, Sitara Shipping; Founder, Maritime SheEO

Nishit it is indeed a wonderful journey that you have ventured into. I am quite happy to hear about TradeMaker magazine and Midknight Creatives. I believe this will serve as a good platform for not only seafarers, but others in the maritime industry too. Wishing you more power, success, and fulfilled dreams.

Capt Sanjiv Verma 

Director, Oceans XV Nautical Services

Nishit Doshi is a close friend, and we go back several years. Though he lives in Mumbai and myself in New Delhi, we are in touch almost everyday sharing our thoughts and everything else. He is a dedicated and very honest media specialist and I wish him all the very best.

Capt Sarnbir Singh Sawhney

Project Manager-LNG Transition, Seaspan Ship Management Ltd

Reading TradeMaker magazine is a different experience. The publication’s excellent content and diversity, layout, design, illustrations, and conceptualization, are some of the factors which attract me. Overall, the Editor and his team showcase creativity and dedication.

Capt Shyam Jairam

Founder & Managing Partner/CEO  Dufferin Maritime LLP

I first met Nishit Doshi at a trade event in 2007. Even though he is not a mariner nor has any shipping background, I have observed his interest and desire to learn and research about different aspects of the maritime sphere; at times approaching me too. Over the years, he has enlarged his scope of coverage to other forms of transportation too, without any formal training. I admire Nishit’s dedication and zeal for work and international outreach.

Siddhartha Rastogi

MD & COO of a leading full service investment bank

Nishit and TradeMaker are ‘bringing the world closer’. The world has never been divided, split, opinionated ever before in history to the extent it is today. It needs publications, ideations and actions to make it more unified for collective good, for collective growth, and for collective progress. Nishit and TradeMaker are doing phenomenal work in this space.

Nishit has an outstanding acumen to look and bring varied perspectives, which enable problem solving. His expert eye only satiates on excellence. His erudite, forthright and compassionate view is and will continue to bring positive changes throughout the planet through his wisdom and curation.

Wishing him luck and success.

Subrat Kulshrestha

Founder & Proprietor, Bh LegalEase Consultants

Nishit Doshi is a sincere hardworking person, who never gives up. He faced umpteen impediments in his way to restart another business and a new trade publication, but I have never seen him overtaken by such hurdles. Midknight Creatives and TradeMaker is the outcome of his consistent efforts and industrious nature. My support and blessings will always be with Nishit…All the best for his future endeavours.

Capt Vivek Scudder

Essar Shipping Ltd

I have known Nishit Doshi for many years. He’s a hardworking, practical and conscientious person, who is quite knowledgeable regarding shipping matters. Nishit also has a good sense of humour. TradeMaker is a very useful magazine and a must read for seafarers and the maritime fraternity.

Yegas Naidoo

MD, Wood Street Furniture Manufacturers; L’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne ordained member & MOOC Champagne Expert; Italian Wine Professional; Certified Sake Professional and Advisor; Judge, 50 Best Restaurants of the World; Wine judge at several events including Feminalise, IWC, IWSC, Berlin Wine Trophy, SAA Selection, Vinea Pinot.

As Chief Executive of Midnight Creatives, Nishit Doshi is one of the most seasoned, energetic and thoughtful innovators in the expansive media field, having being operational for over a decade. This entrepreneur is going a long way in carving a niche for himself — not only in the relevant fields he’s involved with, but he is also a PR specialist in the shipping ambit. He is not short on ambition and certainly dispenses his knowledge with finely honed and in-depth global product understanding.

His media experiences in different countries as well as India have given him a set of skills that reassure with honesty and sophistication. He has carefully defined many of the pertinent issues in these ambits with boundary-bending published articles in his monthly international trade magazine since February 2020. The qualities that successful entrepreneurs share are clearly present in Doshi — hard work, dedication and intuition (to name but a few).

Capt Zarir Irani

Regional Director, Antigua & Barbuda Ship & Yacht Registry; Chairman, Board of Directors, Constellation Marine Services

TradeMaker has been a people’s publication for the global transportation fraternity. It is driven by the passion and vision of Nishit Doshi who is a modest connector of professionals and businesses in the segment for decades now. His reach and down-to-earth approach has always touched hearts and as a result he enjoys the respect and support of maritime business leaders. Humble beginnings of Nishit’s new venture is a case study in organic growth of an institution which has a promising future. My personal support, and that of Constellation’s, remains steadfast with his vision of growth.